Tornado Object-Relational Mapping Engine

Project Info

Building Tornado

Accessing CVS

Instructions for accessing CVS can be found at SourceForge. Three CVS modules are defined: all, tornado, and lib. The lib module contains third party libraries required by tornado. The all module will checkout both tornado and lib under the same directory. This module is recommended if you don't want to supply your own third party libraries. The tornado module will only checkout the Tornado source code and related files.

Bulding Tornado with Ant

The following targets can be used to build various aspects of the project.

Target Description
build.product builds the class files
build.jar builds the Tornado jar file
build.tests builds the unit tests
unit.tests runs the unit tests
build.dist builds the gzipped tar file of the distribution.
clean removes all generated files
clean-classes removes the compiled classes
clean-dist removes the distribution files

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